Tuesday, April 24, 2012

YW Manual 1 Lesson 19

I love hearing stories about my ancestors, stories that would have been lost if someone had not kept records.  One of my ancestors paid for several saints to come to the new world from South Africa.  From some of the records we learn that on their first attempt to come to America, the boat started taking on water and the boat had to return for repairs.  When they finally made it to Utah this ancestor was asked to help settle the Bear Lake area, he was then known as the town doctor of the area.  I have always wondered what it is about Bear Lake that I love so much, more than the beauty of the area, perhaps it is the links to my forefathers and mothers. 

By keeping records, our great, great, great grandchildren will have the opportunity to learn about us, our thoughts, our motives and our dreams. 

Here is to some happy record keeping. 



  1. we want to make some of your handouts for girls camp. Do you have a CD for sale?
    We'd like these to print out about the size of a postcard so they will fit into the girls mailboxes. What do you suggest? istmpnv@aol.com sherrill graff

  2. I'm not seeing if you have a way to share your handout via pdf....
    Is there a way to download your handouts. they are super cute!!!

    1. Kelley,

      The best way to use them is to click on the image, it will open in a seperate page, then rt click on the image, save it to your desk top and them you can insert the photo into Word. Let me know if you have problems and I can help you.

      Thanks for stopping by Kelley.