Saturday, September 24, 2011

Young Women Manual 3 Lesson 36

This week I ran across a saying that I wanted to use for this handout,
"don't be the kind of woman that needs a man, instead be the kind of woman that a man needs."
I wanted to try to send the girls home with a more positive message. I read all the conference talks and Ensign articles listed on the church website to go along with this lesson, and found one from the Sept 2002 Ensign entitled "Choosing and Being the Right Spouse" written by Thomas B Holman.
I loved this article, and plan on incorporating many of the ideas written there in my lesson tomorrow.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Manual 3 Lesson 35

I felt like the importance of this lesson was to enjoy the dating years, with the ultimate reward is to find the one who will travel through a lifetime of ups and downs and ultimately eternity. Thanks again for all your encouragement. Kim
I found some gummy frogs and attached this handout to them for the girls. The girls loved them.

Manual 3 Lesson 37

This is such an important lesson, I am hoping this message helps your girls remember where they should go for answers in their lives.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Manual 3 Lesson 34

I hope there are still some of you who can use this handout. It is a little late for my lesson tomorrow, but I still needed to create something. I need to say thanks for all the wonderful comments from all my followers. Welcome and thanks, you are all too kind. Thanks for your kind words Shauna, I will have something for you by next Wednesday night for Lesson 37.