Tuesday, April 10, 2012

YW Manual 1 Lesson 13

Young women can be a positive influence on the young men in their lives. Ardeth Kapp offered 8 suggestions in the lesson, I shortened her suggestions for this handout.


  1. Am I able to use the handouts you have posted? If so, how would I print them out? They are beautiful.

    1. Yes you are able to use these handouts. I personally print mine as photos at a local photo retailer. In my area I have found that Walmart has the truest colors, but that may be different in your area.

      If you right click on the image, and choose Save Target As, you can save it to your desktop and give it a name, (make sure your computer is saving the image as a Jpeg file).

      If you click on the image and it opens, I have had difficulty saving the file as a Jpeg.

      Then you can upload it like you do your other digital files to the retailer of your choice.

      Let me know if you have problems and I would be happy to help you off line.