Saturday, September 3, 2011

Manual 3 Lesson 34

I hope there are still some of you who can use this handout. It is a little late for my lesson tomorrow, but I still needed to create something. I need to say thanks for all the wonderful comments from all my followers. Welcome and thanks, you are all too kind. Thanks for your kind words Shauna, I will have something for you by next Wednesday night for Lesson 37.


  1. I should be commenting all the time because I have used a lot of your handouts and LOVE them! Thank you for your time and talent. I have a huge favor... We will be doing lesson 37 Word of God on the 18th of September... could you by chance get a handout done before then for me?? That would be awesome if you could! Thank you so much!

  2. LOVE these! We're way behind on lessons, so just getting to this one this Sunday. So grateful for your willingness to share your talents!

  3. way cute. i just found these looking around for honesty quotes for my sunday school lesson, and being the pedant i am i wondered why there were quotes around the top half and not the bottom.

    here is the answer:

    the top half is Pres. Hunter, the bottom is Sister Dibb, who quoted him in the above talk. don't know if it matters a ton, but for the sake of proper attribution, there you go. :)