Friday, January 11, 2013

Come, Follow Me YW January Godhead

The last topic Who am I, and who can I become was a lesson our Bishop talked to the girls on our first week this year.  What an amazing discussion.  We wanted our girls to know that they are so much more than what they see in the mirror and we want them to focus on more than the slight imperfections these beautiful girls see in the mirror, they are amazing daughters of God.  The more they look beyond the imperfections in the mirror, they will see themselves the way God sees them. 

I have decided to upload the handouts that I am using for my class.  You may feel inspired to focus on other topics for your class.  This week we are going to focus on Prayer under the How can I know my Heavenly Father subtopic. 

A few months ago a friend of mine wanted to focus her YW lesson on helping the Young Women in her ward understand the importance of their existence, and their Divine Nature, part of her lesson included a song from 2010 EFY written and performed by Nicole Sheahan, I am his daughter.  I have found myself singing this song in my mind especially when I am stressed.  There is a YouTube video showing photos of women and girls from around the world.  Each of them are beautiful and you can see their happiness in their eyes. 

I too have a class full of beautiful young women who need to understand their true beauty.  Perhaps this handout can help your girls remember their importance as well. 

 The photos are taken from the church website and from google images of women around the world.  The elements of this handout are taken from a very special kit benefiting Mye De Leon's newborn son.  This kit is available at several digiscrapping sites until January 31st. 


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