Saturday, October 22, 2011

Manual 3 Lesson 39

A couple of years ago I read the Help by Katherine Stockett, and yesterday I finally went to see the movie. I was reminded of Aibileen and how much she loved the children she raised but were not her own. Each morning she recited with each child the following saying. "You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important!!". This small reminder was like a shield against the unkind words each one of us is faced with each day.
Our Heavenly Father reminds each of us of our importance to him each day. Each of us is his child and each of us is of infinite worth- a worth beyond measure- with a Divine Nature. We each have our own special mission, we are to prepare to complete that mission and Return with Honor.
The world today can be so tough on the self-esteem of our young women. Staying strong and not falling victim to the unkind words of others and self defeating whisperings of Satan's minions can be challenging.
My goal with this lesson is to hit the reset button for our girls and remind them of their Divine Nature and Individual Worth to their Heavenly Father.

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