Thursday, November 10, 2011

Manual 3 Lesson 44

A few years ago I attended a management training that covered helping employees through change. The focus was teaching them how to prepare for the change and anticipate their new work environment. During the training we were introduced to the Chinese word for Crisis. The translation the word is actually Danger Opportunity. I hope to bring that idea into the class, that by planning for changes or tests in school, or other deadlines they may come across in their life. Crisis comes from procrastination- I unfortunately am the Queen of Procrastination and speak from experience. When I procrastinate I find my self in a panic to accomplish the task and end up loosing more than sleep to meet a deadline. I have always been like that, almost unable to compile two thoughts together without the pressure. The Doctrine and Covenants 109:8 scripture outlines how we can avoid the crisis moment, if we follow each of those items, we will be prepared for each new Dangerous Opportunity life throws our way. Kimberly

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