Thursday, November 3, 2011

YW Manual 3 Lesson 41

I have been reading the Great and Terrible series by Chris Stewart, if you have not read them I highly suggest you do.
As I was reading through lesson 41, I remembered a phrase from either book one or book two, one of Satan's minions is talking to one of Christ's followers, trying to bring him to the dark side. Balam said, " You can't trust him, he really isn't going to follow through on what he says he will do." He was implying that Christ was not going to "pay" for our sins.
I was reminded how much faith we all had to have to follow The Plan of Happiness. I found myself pondering this thought for a few days and felt that I needed to add that thought to this handout.
I will never be able to return the payment he made for my sins, I can only hope that I can always be grateful and appreciative of his sacrifice.
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