Saturday, September 15, 2012

YW Manual 1 Lesson 35

I have found it interesting the timing of these lessons.  At a time when we are choosing the next leaders of the free world, we need to remember the morals and virtues this countries foundation was built upon. 

We need to learn to get along and allow each other to choose rather than pass laws that ban free choice, while remembering the commandments and the Laws of the Lord.  Breaking those commandments lead to a life of self-doubt and self-worth. 

Our Heavenly Father sent us to this earth to obtain bodies and gave us the gift of Free Agency.

 As we learn in the Gospel, free agency has responsibilities.  We are to choose wisely what we do and say and how we act so as to not offend God and embarrass ourselves, our families and our ancestors.  So that ultimately, we can return to live with Him. 

(Sorry about the rant, I am a little bugged by the proposed ban on sodas larger than 16 ounces in NYC). 



  1. Is there a way to print your handouts - or are they just an example and we need to just glean from them and then make our own?

    1. You bet you can print them. There is a process to print them.

      If you click on the picture and save it to your desktop and save it as a jpg file , you can then upload that photo to your photo print shop, or you can print that file from you desk top as a PDF and print multiple copies to one page.

      I prefer the photo version because my girls can add them to the photo books we made for them and keep them all together.