Saturday, February 4, 2012

Manual 1 Lesson 6

Some times I have to remember that life is not about one single experience... it's not about one school dance, one friday night, or that long car ride with the family, its about the entire journey. For me, I find when I am able to find joy in the rain falling, or better yet, dance in the falling rain, the journey is much easier to endure. Life hands us all experiences, sometimes those experiences are enjoyable and memorable, and sometimes our experiences are tough... the tough ones make us stronger and refine our rough edges. I know I need to remember to enjoy myself more during the rough patches and not just endure them. Here's to learning to enjoy the Journey and Dancing in the rain. Kimberly


  1. Hi Kimberly, I just found your blog and hope to maybe do a collab with you. I have a couple blogs that I also share LDS items with others. My newest blog is, just started this month, but my previous blog is - email me sometime at sassygirlandi(at)gmail(dot)com. Hugs, Andi

  2. any chance we might see a lesson 9 handout? You have really cute handouts! thanks

    1. You bet, when are you teaching that lesson?

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